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[2013-06] New Product_LNP3020T_June2013 2013-06-19

New Product_LNP3020T_June2013



2 Megapixel Full HD x30 Network PTZ Dome Camera(LNP3020T)



  •  -  2 Megapixel Full HD, 30 fps @ 1920 x 1080
  •  -      x30 Optical Zoom, F1.6~F5.0, f=4.3~129mm
  •  -      ICR Day & Night, WDR
  •  -     Defog
  •  -      Auto Tracking
  •  -      Region Of Interest Streaming
  •  -      Dynamic Profile (Max 7)
  •  -      Vandal-proof, IP66
  •  -      SDHC support


Intense Quality, Powerful Image!  


LG Electronics has released its latest 2-mega pixel, Full HD, x30, Network PTZ Domo camera (Model No. LNP3020T). LNP3020 is a 2-mega pixel Full HD (30xZoom) network PTZ dome camera and has a compact and stylish design which captures the customer’s mind. 


The LNP3020T can send Full HD images at 30fps, and support systematic network monitoring by integrating with the LG Ipsolute VMS(Video Management Suite).


Network performance of the LNP3020T was substantially enhanced. Compared to its competitors, LG’s LNP3020T have lower latency, and thus can perform effective surveillance performance.

Furthermore, the customer can select up to four zones of interest when receiving the image data by using the the Region Of Interest Streaming function.

In addition to the above, LG’s LNV7300/LND7300 support minimum 3 to maximum 7 streaming channels with the Dynamic Profile function as per the user request. This latest technology enables the user to effectively control the bandwidth when zeroing in on certain area(s) for specific need(s).


LNP3020 is equipped with the Defog function, which enables more vivid image data transmission even in rainy, windy, and foggy days. Furthermore, LNP3020 has a 30xZoom camera (4.3 ~ 129mm) that can instantly capture a far distant figure with the all-around 360° Panning , 500°/sec surveillance mode.


Furthermore, the user can enjoy more vivid image quality data by using LG’s WDR(Wide Dynamic Range), Advanced DNR(2D+3D DNR), and ICR Day & Night functions. 


 Last but not least, both IP66 waterproof & dustproof grades are acquired for this Model. In addition, SDHC & IPv4/IPv6 support and PoE+(Power over Ethernet) function is added for easy installation and maintenance.


By continuously developing the latest high-resolution, high-performance Network IR cameras,LG Electronics is keeping pace with various needs and requests from the customer.