About Us

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Deployable technology to detect, identify and geolocate signals in complex RF environments

At CRFS, we design, build, program and deploy systems and solutions for RF spectrum monitoring, management and geolocation. We serve both defense and homeland security customers as well as the civilian regulatory market.

We believe that the best hardware, software and know-how contributes to our customers’ success. And with that philosophy in mind we have developed some of the most advanced RF sensors available. Our sensors are high performing, compact, rugged and modular, coupled with intuitive software that can turn RF data into actionable intelligence.

It’s not just the products that are high performing – it’s also the people: developers, engineers and scientists with experience within the military, regulatory and research sectors. They understand the challenges facing our customers and work with them to deliver uncompromising solutions.


Typical challenges faced by our customers include:

  • Management of spectrum critical sites
  • Malicious or accidental interference
  • Unauthorized use of licensed spectrum
  • Frequency jamming
  • Bugging or compromise of secure facilities
  • Border and perimeter monitoring
  • EM situational awareness
  • Major events planning and management

We don’t just provide hardware and software; we are part of the solution. We can work with you to determine, build and deploy the system that meets your specific needs and those of your customers. We have long-term partnerships with many of our customers, working closely with them not just to ensure successful deployment of equipment, but also to develop the specific features and functionality they require.

We provide:

  • An open architecture
  • Proven, reliable hardware and software
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Expert support
  • Transparency

All of which leads to a smooth integration and a successful project. We are responsive, agile and collaborative.