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Lenovo ThinkPad T430



Do More with Services

Lenovo offers a comprehensive portfolio of award-winning services to support and protect your ThinkPad investment. Succeed with substance, and let Lenovo’s Service support you all the way.

Priority Technical Support:

Makes your priority, our priority. 24×7 priority call routing to advanced-level technicians, electronic incident tracking, and escalation management services. (Not available in all regions.)

Warranty Upgrades

Onsite and Next Business Day: Maximizes PC uptime and productivity by providing convenient, fast repair service at your place of business.

Warranty Extensions (1 to 5 Years’ Total Duration):

This fixed-term, fixed-cost service helps accurately budget for PC expenses, protect your valuable investment, and potentially lower the cost of ownership over time.

Accidental Damage Protection:

Avoid the hassles of unexpected repair costs. Provides coverage for non-warranted damage incurred under normal operating conditions, such as minor spills, drops, or damage to the integrated screen.

Keep Your Drive:

Retain your drive if it should happen to fail, giving you the peace of mind to know that your valuable data is secure.


3-Year Extended Warranty (Total Duration) Depot Service + Accidental Damage Protection