1.3 Megapixel HD
Network IR Dome Camera


  • 2.8 ~ 10mm Vari-focal Lens, F1.2
  • 30 fps @ 1280 x 1024
  • 0 Lux(IR LED ON), 0.3 Lux(IR LED OFF)
  • H.264 (High Profile Supported) / MJPEG
  • Dynamic Profile (Up to 7), ROI Streaming
  • Video Analytics Embedded
  • Micro SD Slot
  • Alarm In / Out, Audio In / Out
new LND5100R
new LND5100R
new LND5100R
new LND5100R

Megapixel Super Resolution(Max 1.3M) Megapixel Super Resolution(Max 1.3M)

LG IP camera provides better surveillance, thanks to its higher resolution image quality. The XDI ISP is engineered to complement the IP in image quality through megapixel technology.

Megapixel Super Resolution(Max 1.3M)

Region Of Interest Streaming Region Of Interest Streaming

Users can compose profile streaming region of interest. Users who are interested in specific region can use bandwidth efficiently.

Region Of Interest Streaming

Low Latency Low Latency

Possesses excellent network performance with almost no latency, compared to the other products.

Low Latency

0 Lux 0 Lux

With the high-performance IR LED attached, this system excels in low-light environments, allowing objects to be distinguished even in darkness using infrared rays.

0 Lux

IR Anti-Saturation IR Anti-Saturation

IR control optimization design compensates for surrounding dark areas as much as possible, and prevents saturation.

IR Anti-Saturation

Wide & Longer IR Coverage Wide & Longer IR Coverage

Measures a wide IR angle of view at low luminance to reduce dead spots and provides clear images for a long distance.

Wide & Longer IR Coverage

Ipsolute VMS Ipsolute VMS

The LG Video Management System is an IP-Surveillance software that works with the LG Video Server and LG IP cameras to provide video monitoring, recording setting and event management functions.

Ipsolute VMS

Ipsolute Mobile Application Ipsolute Mobile Application

The network security system is implemented by mobile application enabling remote control and monitoring.

Ipsolute Mobile Application
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