24CH 1920 x 1080 Display
Hybrid Digital Video Recorder


  • Analog 16CH+IP 8CH/4CIF, Analog 8CH+IP 16CH/4CIF
  • Max. Resolution : Up-to 3Megapixel
  • Various Recording Resolutions (4CIF, 2CIF, CIF)
  • Time and Date Sync from NTP Server
  • Multiplex
  • Automatic Backup by Schedule, Health Check (HDD)
  • e-SATA for Quick and Easy Archiving
  • Dynamic IP Support for DDNS / DHCP

Megapixel Hybrid DVR Megapixel Hybrid DVR

Now, an analog camera and a mega IP camera can be installed allowing images to be stored together. Using the same VMS (Video Management Suite) and client software, you can view the images displayed by the installed IP camera and analog camera.

Megapixel Hybrid DVR


A full HD display (19,20 x 1,080) is enabled. HD images can be reproduced with the HDMI support for HD display.


H.264 Compression H.264 Compression

It uses the latest image compression method H.264 HP, enabling the transmission of quality images better than the existing method can.

H.264 Compression

Easy Storage Installation / Replacement Easy Storage Installation / Replacement

The internal hard disk (6HDD x 2TB) can be easily installed and removed from the DVR front panel.

Easy Storage Installation / Replacement

Efficient Storage Management Efficient Storage Management

The technology enables a more efficient use of DVR HDD capacity by reducing old data frames.

Efficient Storage Management

Coaxial Communication(DVR) Coaxial Communication(DVR)

Using coaxial communication, you can control the camera connected to the DVR with composite signals without connecting it with the RS-485 communication cable.

Coaxial Communication(DVR)

Mobile Monitoring Mobile Monitoring

The user can use a smartphone and monitor DVR security images anytime, anywhere in real time.

Mobile Monitoring

Ipsolute VMS Ipsolute VMS

The LG Video Management System is an IP-Surveillance software that works with the LG Video Server and LG IP cameras to provide video monitoring, recording setting and event management functions.

Ipsolute VMS

Recommended HDD List(updated on 2011.11.23)

Recommended HDD List (updated on 2012.11.23)
- ST1000VM002 (1TB) : SEAGATE
- ST2000VM003 (2TB) : SEAGATE

Recommended HDD List (updated on 2012.11.23)
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